​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Omni-Channel Authentication Orchestration

​Authentication methods are constantly evolving – can you keep up?

You are facing a flood of disruptive authentication technologies, and at the same time, your customers demand simple, non-intrusive authentication in every channel. To strike the balance between security and usability, you must adopt a holistic fraud and authentication management strategy that allows you to utilize a combination of the best authentication methods in a unified, risk-aware approach.

​Authentication-IQ is the brains behind omni-channel authentication orchestration

The Actimize Authentication-IQ solution allows customers to manage multiple authentication methods and capabilities, and integrates with your fraud strategy, enhancing both detection and customer experience. With Authentication-IQ you can:

  • Manage customer authentication processes across all channels holistically to provide a consistent authentication experience
  • Make risk-based decisions and interdict in real time to allow simple access for "safe" customers, while challenging risky ones to stop ATO attacks
  • Define your fraud and authentication strategies easily, and quickly alter them when needed

​Authentication-IQ gets the most out of your authentication investments

Authentication-IQ helps you simplify your overall strategic approach to authentication management, improving customer experience, reducing operational costs and protecting your customers from fraud.

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